Recent deals Funded

1. Property Address: 4 Abercrombie Cres, Brampton

1st Mortgage

Appraisal value: 1.4M

LTV: 85%

Amount funded: 1.19M

Rate: 10.5%

2. Property Address: 585 Colborne Street, Brantford

1st Mortgage

Appraisal value: 576,000

LTV: 75%

Amount funded: 432,00

Rate: 11.99%

3. Property Address: 2452 New Castle Cres, Oakville

2nd Mortgage

Appraisal value: 1.4M.

LTV: 80%

Amount funded: 200,000.

Rate: 14.99%

4. Property Address: 702-7 Erie Avenue, Brantford

1st Mortgage:

Appraisal value: 388,000

Amount funded: 310,000.

LTV: 80%

Rate: 12.99%

5. Property Address: 2 Evanston Drive, North York

2nd Mortgage

Appraisal value: 1.9M.

LTV: 75%

Amount funded: 500,000.

Rate: 15%

6. Property Address: 81 Bulmer Crescent, Newmarket

2nd Mortgage

Appraisal value: 1.4M.

LTV: 50%

Amount funded: 200,000

Rate: 15%

7. Property Address: 190 Thornbush Blvd, Brampton

1st Mortgage.

Appraisal value: 1.4M.

LTV 85%

Amount funded: 1.19M.

Rate: 10.5%

8. Property Address: 65 Lola Crescent, Brampton

2nd Mortgage.

Appraisal value: 1.54M.

LTV: 85%

Amount funded: 224,000.

Rate: 15%

9. Property Address: 3291 Strawberry Walk, London

1st Mortgage

Appraisal value: 730,000

LTV: 65%

Amount funded: 475,000.

Rate: 9.15%

10. Property Address: 114 Rolling Hills Lane, Bolton.

2nd Mortgage

Appraisal value: 1.15M

LTV: 85%

Amount funded: 145,000.

Rate: 15%

Client Testimonials

Superb Service!!! Got us financing for our home and investment property at very good rate and excellent customer service, 5 star service

Jaswinder and Kamal Sahota, Brampton

Got equity line of credit behind my first mortgage with cab, my bank said that they can’t offer extra money as I am self-employed, there team got me very good products for my needs.

B Brar, Brampton

I found working with Gurpreet and his team to be a very stress free and supportive experience. Gurpreet was excellent at setting realistic expectations and following-up with me throughout the entire process. There was never a time that I did not know where things stood with them. They are very competent and extremely professional mortgage experts who seem to truly want to help people, helped us in testing times when our restaurant was not producing income and got us non-conventional funds when our bank said no due to income and credit problems.

Wainsworth Chambers, Milton

Our special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on our 2nd mortgage financing you guys did. We thank you for your knowledge and understanding to mortgage and property details and furthermore the relentless determination to make and close the deal. We will certainly send any of our future financing needs your way.

Catherine Patterson, Windsor

I cannot thank you enough for providing me the much needed second mortgage at last moments, otherwise I might have lost my house, and your private lender was so much understanding that he even gave me grace days for my first payment on request.

Isabel Sousa, London

Gurpreet and his team did bridge financing for my new purchase RBC said no to me in 2 days and saved me from thousands of dollars in penalty.

L Ireland, Burlington

I have been a regular mortgage client of gurpreet for last 12 years and did atleast 4 to 5 mortgages for my own house and investment properties always exceed expectation.

Ravinder Sandhu, Brampton

Did excellent work on my home refinancing by their team, when my bank said no they said yes

Maurisz Drozd, Bolton

Got me excellent rate when I came to Gurpreet for Renewal of my mortgage, which was with Scotia Bank , he beat scotia rate of interest by .10 and got me better than bank rate from Industrial Alliance.

Surinder Vasudeva, Brampton

Gurpreet and team helped us pull equity from home to pay of high interest credit cards and make one interest only payment.

Given Mulenga, Ottawa

Provided me much needed second mortgage to close my house deal in ajax, Thank You

Gobinath kanaratnam, Ajax