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1We have been helping with mortgages for over 19 years.

Centum Gold Mortgages Inc is a mortgage brokerage that was established on the principle that not all clients fit into a box and neither do their mortgage needs. Centum Gold Mortgages Inc, mortgage solutions are unique, just like you!

Its founder and principal broker worked in this industry for almost two decades. After years of development, in 2006, Centum Gold Mortgages was born. Thus started a new way of helping consumers who were unable to get help from the big banks.

Homeowners that are declined by their bank finally had options. At Centum Gold Mortgages we have access to an endless pool of mortgage lenders, both institutional and private. We help clients customize their short-term goals with their long-term financial objectives and help clients get on track financially.

Since its inception, Centum Gold Mortgages Inc has grown exponentially and is now one of Canada’s largest resources for clients who have credit and income challenges. We have since branched out and offer a variety of mortgage products. We now provide help to Canadians looking to purchase homes, Condos, commercial units, vacant land, Industrial and Truck yards etc.

We assist clients who have bruised credit, difficulty proving income or those who are unable to obtain an approval from the bank. Moreover, the number of mortgage transactions we complete each year has afforded Centum Gold Mortgages the luxury to build extraordinary relationships and trust with likeminded lenders that other mortgage brokers could only dream of.

The relationships and trust that we have formed with our lenders allow us to submit applications based on common-sense, not credit or income. Because of our proven record, our lenders search for reasons to approve a mortgage rather than decline it.

Our clients get the lowest rates with the most flexible terms that are offered in Canada. Centum Gold Mortgages has a “big box” feel to it, but we treat each client uniquely, just like your mortgage needs. Want to put our experience and relationships to the test? Give us a call for a free, no obligation consult.

Warm Regards,

Gurpreet Sappal

Principal Mortgage Broker

Centum Gold Mortgages Inc.

Our mission

We pride ourselves on providing a quick and easy way to get approved for a mortgage . We aim to offer our clients the best and most competitive hassle-free mortgage solutions in Canada

Our vision

We want to live in a world where people can buy homes that match their needs rather than having to find a compromise and settle on the second-best option. That's why we take a lot of time and care in getting to know our clients from the moment they reach out to us and ask for our help.

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality. Set up by Gurpreet Sappal, the team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from Residential to commercial Mortgages.