Mortgage Investments for High Yield

Investor investment options:

All investments are secured by real estate investments. We ensure our investor partners get the best return on their investment.

No cost to our investor partners for any investment.

Hassle free investment process through our legal team while protecting all lender rights.

Full investment disclosure provided upfront on each investment.

As a commitment to our investor, we will manage their investments even after the investment with no additional cost.

Investing with Gold Mortgage, all you need to have a comfortable chair to sit and see high returns on your investments.

Multiple term options available for investment (No term, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months)

Let your money works for you

For example: 100,000 CAD in bank GIC average return 1500 CAD annually and with us private mortgage investment average return is 12,000 CAD

Financial Freedom:

If you invest 1,000,000 CAD in private mortgage with us, you will earn 150,000 CAD annually and you travel anywhere in the world.

You don’t invest any time in managing your investment portfolio and your investment is fully secured against the real estate.

Investment Portfolios

Silver package (Conservative yield, no fixed term of investment)

Max LTV: 65%

Return: 8-10%

For example, if you invest 500,000 CAD on a property worth 1,000,000 CAD your loan to value (LTV) is 50% and your investment return @ 10% is 50,000 CAD for one year.

Gold (Medium yield)

Max LTV: 75

Return: 10-12%

For example, if you invest 750,000 CAD on a property worth 1,000,000 CAD your loan to value (LTV) is 75% and your investment return @ 12% is 90,000 CAD for one year.

Diamond (High yield)

Max LTV: 85%

Return: 14-16%

For example, if you invest 850,000 CAD on a property worth 1,000,000 CAD your loan to value (LTV) is 85% and your investment return @ 15% is 127,500 CAD for one year